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31.05.2024 - 21.07.2024

A Quickie in the Bouncy House, Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnacke

7th International Digital Art Biennial 


In Montreal 

31.05.2024 - 21.07.2024

Presented by ELEKTRA since 2012, the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN) is back for a 7th edition this summer. Our major exhibition entirely dedicated to contemporary digital art is being held from May 31 to July 21, 2024 in Montréal.


It is under the theme ILLUSION that we offer a reflection on the post-factual, post-truth and alternative reality era, a subject that is shaking up the news at the moment. Indeed, the proliferation of digital communication technologies and tools from artificial intelligence (AI) contribute to disinformation, notably the deep fakes. We can already measure the serious consequences of this denial of reality on the lives of billions of people on our planet.


For this seventh Biennale, around twenty artists from three continents address this issue of the perception of truth and falsehood, while exploring the field of speculative fiction.


​The public will be led to question the very existence of certain works, due to their ephemeral, immaterial or even invisible nature, on the basis of a necessary, unfailing credulity towards the artist.


This seventh ELEKTRA biennial is presented under the curatorship of Alain Thibault.


> The selection of artists will be soon disclosed.

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