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Collectif Obvious

Collectif Obvious


Illusive Appearance / Elusive Essence



Obvious is a French trio of artists and researchers who use artificial intelligence algorithms to create artworks at the crossroads of classical art and technology. In 2018, their work was highlighted with the sale of one of their paintings at Christie's New York, and now, represented by Danysz Gallery, they exhibit internationally. Pioneers of digital art and NFTs in France and co-founders of the NFT Factory in Paris, they aim to initiate a visual and artistic revolution with their collaborators (Nike, Alpine, Opéra de Paris). In 2023, Obvious created its AI research laboratory in partnership with Sorbonne University intending to create new algorithms for artistic creation and offer them in open-source to the public.

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Illusive Appearance / Elusive Essence

Video, algorithms Illusion Diffudion/ControlNet

For years, mankind has been trying to replicate intelligence. Great progress has been made with the advent of systems capable of mimicking some of the brain's hidden logical pathways. Yet, some argue that the largest impact of an AI algorithm doesn't stem from the algorithm itself but rather from its packaging—a chat giving the impression of conversation, taking us back to the concept of the mechanical Turk and the role of illusion in the perception of intelligence, represented here by a Penrose triangle. Does illusion benefit the race toward the replication of intelligence? Does its completion lie in one’s ability to fool his peers?

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