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Eric Vernhes

Eric Vernhes

Born in 1966, in Valence, France
Lives and work in Paris, France




Eric Vernhes creates installations endowed with an intrinsic movement that mirrors that of the viewer’s consciousness. Above all else, and in the absence of proof of the soul’s existence, the viewer is a body at a specific moment and in a given place, immersed in the contemplation of their imagination, which they project into the work. There is an inherently, specifically human experience: the artistic experience.
Represented in Paris by Galerie Charlot. Private collections: Artphilein Foundation, Lugano; Stuart Frankel, Chicago; Coleccion BEEP de Arte Electronico, Barcelona... 

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Tape recorder, screens, amplified speakers, light projectors, 17 min, 260 x 230 x 100 cm

MEETING PHILIP is a musical, videographic, and plastic work built around the recording of the conference given by Philip K. Dick in 1977 in Metz, France. During this event, Philip K. Dick revealed that one of his favourite themes, the existence of a plurality of parallel universes, was indeed a reality and not fiction. For him, there was no doubt that our world stemmed from a computer program whose designer (God, programmer-reprogrammer) periodically changed variables in the past, which disrupted the course of our present time and gave birth to other uchronic and divergent universes.

CNRS image for fragments of recordings from Philip K. Dick’s lecture in Metz in 1977
Co-produced by VIDEOFORMES, with the support of the DRAC and Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes SCAN Fund.

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