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Robbie Cooper

Robbie Cooper





Robbie Cooper is a United Kingdom-based artist whose practice addresses the issues of presence and identity in a technological landscape. He works in various media, employing photography, video, and video game modifications. His experiments with real-time media have also included work for the research and development departments of tech corporations, contributions to AAA video games, virtual production for broadcast television, as well as experimental marketing projects for major brands.

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Video 4K

Immersion is a project in which artist Robbie Cooper recorded the expressions of people watching TV, playing video games, and using the internet. Cooper's work creates dual feedback: the players react intensely to the images they see on the screen, whereas we—the public—react with our own feelings to their powerfully emotional facial expressions, which to us, in turn, are just another image on a screen. The project captures people of all ages immersed in digital media. Media used in the Immersion project include video games, pornography, children's cartoons, comedy, and atrocity videos.

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