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Kurt d‘Haeseleer

Kurt d‘Haeseleer


Animal Locomotion



Kurt d'Haeseleer is an audiovisual artist and artistic director of WERKTANK, a Belgian production and distribution platform for arts working with new technologies whose main mission is the production and distribution of artistic installations that explore the relationship between technology and perception.
d'Haeseleer also works regularly as a visual artist for theatre, dance, and opera, and has also produced his own audiovisual performances with, among others, Franck Vigroux, Jon Hassell, Guy Cassiers, etc.

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Animal Locomotion

Video Installation

This collection of GIFs was created as part of ongoing research for a virtual reality project based on the work of Edouard Muybridge, the 19th-century photographer famous for his studies of horse and human movement. He is often considered the unofficial inventor of the GIF.
These AI interpretations offer an alternate history of the human body in motion and question the notion of physical movement in relation to speed. By creating, with the assistance of AI, we may sometimes have the impression of communicating with an extraterrestrial life form and opening a portal to a parallel universe.

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