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Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke

Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke


Who is Afraid of Dreaming of Red, Yellow and Blue



Matthew Biederman has worked since the 90s across media, environments, architectures, systems, communities and continents.
Pierce Warnecke is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of experimental music (raster, Room40), digital arts, and video art.

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Who is Afraid of Dreaming of Red, Yellow and Blue

HD video, custom software, stable diffusion

This work builds on the trajectory of abstraction’s touchstones, citing Rodchenko’s "basic color planes" of 1925, passing through Newman’s similarly titled painted "zips" of the 1960's, and finally Robert Irwin’s installation of 2006. Exploiting a computer, artificial intelligence models, and custom software, Biederman adds dreaming to their question, “Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue?” Through the interaction of the machine attempting to resolve the question and Biederman’s own software, a complex collaborative system emerges in this confrontational work.

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