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Lee Jaehyung

Lee Jaehyung

Face of City



Jaehyung Lee is a Seoul-based artist known for his material and sculptural experiments rooted in immaterial information. After studying art and media and working for three years for an electronics company, he expanded LED matrix structures into sculptural forms through his Bending Matrix series, collaborating on exhibitions and projects with various corporations. Utilizing AI, he has developed projects involving emotional data and sound in urban areas. Lee has been implementing media art projects in diverse public spaces, such as cities, museums, and airports, in the form of public art.

Artist's social medias

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Face of City

4 vertical video screens connected to social media : 4 screens, computer, software TBC

Face of City is a project exploring the emotions of a city. It identifies the emotional basis for the artificial intelligence representing the city by analyzing numerous social media posts from the respective area. This data visualization project then displays these emotions through the ambiguous expressions of a face that changes in real-time. In this piece, the current emotions of men, women, the elderly, and the youth in Seoul are portrayed through their respective facial expressions, extracted from social media texts in the Seoul area.

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