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PHC collective

PHC collective

Posthuman Cinema



The PHC artist collective (Will Luers, Chad Mossholder, and Mark Amerika) improvises with each other and with AI tools to probe a new kind of language-driven cinema art and explore a cinematically manifested collective unconscious. As remix artists with a deep affinity for and knowledge of the history of avant-garde and auteur cinema, the collective uses their poetic art and language skills to prompt the various AI systems to generate source material, which is then post-produced into a series of cinematic artworks.

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Posthuman Cinema

HD Video file, 10 videos loop, stereo sound

Posthuman Cinema, the first collaborative art project by Mark Amerika, Will Luers, and Chad Mossholder, is a collection of ten "cinépoèmes" that playfully experiment with the idea of AI as a form of extraterrestrial intelligence. In the series, language and diffusion models come to life through original text and image prompts that are designed to situate the works in the history of avant-garde and auteur-driven cinematic art. All the works are intentionally composed as moody black-and-white films, reminiscent of the filmmakers that have most influenced the artists.

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