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Oli Sorenson

Oli Sorenson


Climate Death



Oli Sorenson was born in Los Angeles and studied in Montreal. He established an international profile during his time in London (1999-2010), presenting his first performances at the Institute of Contemporary Art (2003-06), Tate Britain (2006), the British Film Institute (2008-10), as well as ZKM (Karlsruhe, 2002), Mapping (Geneva, 2009), and Sonica (Ljubljana, 2012) festivals. Since returning to Montreal in 2010, Sorenson has presented his work at Monitoring (Kassel, 2012/17), Power Plant (Toronto, 2014), FILE (Sao Paulo, 2015/23), Unfold X (Seoul, 2023), and the Tangible Image Biennale (Paris, 2023).

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Climate Death

Video screen DEL, video HD

Climate Death is a lecture performance, inspired by the theories of Elizabeth Kubler Ross, which address the five stages of grief experienced by a person confronted with death. These five stages are denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance. When applied to climate change crises, these stages transform into climate denial, climate depression, and so on. Dark and anxious, the subtitles take up too much space and the added effects distort the sound and visual structure of the video. Despite all that, the lecture’s content calls us to action and thus retains a potential for hope.

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