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Timothy Thomasson

Timothy Thomasson

Born in 1995, in Calgary, AB, Canada
Lives and work in Montreal, QC, Canada

Slow Track



Timothy Thomasson is a Montréal-based artist. His work interrogates the ways in which moving images are produced and consumed in historical and contemporary contexts, looking particularly at the effects of computer-generated images and emerging technologies on society, culture and perception. His work has been presented at numerous galleries and media festivals in Canada and internationally

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Slow Track

Real-Time Computer Animation, Generative, 1920 x 1080 px / 4K ratio: 16:9

Slow Track is a computer-generated video which restrains the limitless visual possibilities found in current computer animation technologies. The work deploys a hyperrealistic, slow, gentle, and possibly mundane image which is wary of the software that produces it. The spotless, sterile virtual spaces commonly rendered in architectural visualizations are replaced here by spaces with dust, dirt, and clutter. Although rendered to approach photorealistic image quality, the images on screen have no real-world bearing. They are generated fully with a computer whose production amounts to thousands of silent ‘image files’. There is no blowing wind, and the places depicted are nowhere in particular.

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