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Collectif Hidden Edges (Lucas Paris, Myriam Bleau)

Collectif Hidden Edges (Lucas Paris, Myriam Bleau)

Persistence of Fiction



Hidden Edges is the new creative collective founded by Myriam Bleau and Lucas Paris. For this project, the two artists often take to the stage to explore installation formats. Together, the duo examines the more abstract contours of their personal aesthetics, employing their deep technical expertise in the design and creation of software and machines to do so.

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Persistence of Fiction

Twisted LED screen

Persistence of Fiction is a suspended, twisted screen structure with an unconventional, fluid, and organic shape. The collective explores softness through alternative three-dimensional screens and generative algorithmic content. The screen is inhabited by four video works presented in a sequential loop. In addition to their own creative output, the collective also presents three commissioned works by artists Cinzia Campolese, Emma Forgues, and Baron Lanteigne. The twisted structure takes on a different character/life in each composition, transforming the surface, the light, and the surrounding space in a unique way.

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