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Navid Navab, Garnet Willis

Navid Navab, Garnet Willis


Organism + Excitable Chaos



Navid Navab is recognized as a media alchemist, tabletop cosmologist, and antidisciplinary composer. The investigative artscience practice associated with Navab is characterized by sculpturous engagement with transductive structures of liveliness. Recent works meticulously stage emergent, uncanny forms of order, born from the excitable dynamics of matter.

Garnet Willis is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist, audio-engineer, and instrument builder. He investigates the crossroads between sensation, form over time, and sentient matter. He combines his disparate skills to produce multivariate artworks that tend to revolve around sound.

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Organism + Excitable Chaos

Robotically prepared historic pipe organ, driven by a robotically co-steered chaotic pendulum.

The exhibit probes into nature’s form-giving tendencies by putting kinetic chaos in conversation with sonic turbulence. Organism is an investigative platform for stochastic co-patterning via the sono-ecological indeterminacy of turbulent processes of formation. It dismantles the far-too-clean tones of the pipe organ in order to excite its turbulent materiality, unleashing timbres unheard after centuries of sonic repression.

Excitable Chaos co-directs chaotic patterns by modulating the transductive resonances of a triple pendulum, a physical system with nonlinear behaviour due to the rapid exchange of potential and kinetic energy among its moving elements. It highlights one of the more spectacular ways in which nature demonstrates how even the smallest scales of magnitude are key contributors to an overall behavior whose next state is rendered unknown. Excitable Chaos's generative movement is sensed and mapped to drive the turbulent sonic thresholds of Organism.

Navid Navab: concept, composition, sculpture, programming, design, electronics, fabrication
Garnet Willis: engineering, design, sculpture, electronics, fabrication
Research Collaboration: SAT Montreal Innovation department with support from Québec’s ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Topological Media Lab with support from Fonds de Recherche du Québec
Support: Canada Council for the Art, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Le Salon Richmond 1861
Development Collaborations: Camille Desjardins, Philippe Vandal, Asa Perlman, Jean-Michaël Celerier, Charles Bicari, Evan Montpellier, Pia Baltazar, Eric L'Ecuyer and Calibre Industrie

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