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In the summer of 1996, Ælab was initiated as an artistic research unit based on a philosophical exchange between artists Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude. Ælab’s practice of experimental documentary is a collaborative way of thinking and doing Their work creatively engages art and technology as intertwined with processual philosophies in an ecology of practices. MÉDIANE is the Canada Research Chair in Arts, Ecotechnologies of Practice and Climate Change (2020-2025).

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Scaffolding structures, LED screens, TouchDesigner visual programming, immersive and tactile audio, approx. 60 ft W x 60 ft W x 12 ft H.

Outside, near the St. Lawrence River, the installation investigates the carbon reserves of trees. An interstitial circular structure allows a unique audiovisual immersion which operates in fragments and amalgams. Drone imaging, computer vision and 3D modeling are part of forest ecology and technological art. These approaches are explored here in an open site, in-between identification and evocation. Weather-dependent and including activities with guests. Support: DOT-Lab (U TÉLUQ), SSHRC, CFI, FRQSC, Hexagram, Faculty of Arts, UQAM.

May 30 to June 9 2024, open each day

mon-tues-wed-thu-sun: 1 pm-8pm
fri-sat: 1 pm-10pm
(Installation is weather-dependent)

Installation is presented near the river, behind the
QUAI 5160 - Maison de la culture de Verdun
5160 Bd LaSalle, Verdun, QC H4H 1N8

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