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ICRA will host an exhibition of over seven robotic art installations, CoExistence, curated by Alain Thibault, ELEKTRA's artistic director. 


We know that we are and will be called upon more and more to live, to collaborate with machines. Even if we are still in prehistoric times in the development of robotics linked to artificial intelligence, we can see that these machines, by becoming more and more autonomous, will be much more than an extension of the human. The concept of a self-replicating machine developed by John von Neumann in particular leads us to believe that humans are currently working to create the next step in their evolution. The idea of this exhibition revolves around the human being's desire to come into contact with the machine, to tame it, then to observe it and have fun in front of his desire to accomplish human tasks.

Welcome, to the machines !


Alain Thibault

Curator and Artistic Director of ELEKTRA and the International Digital Art Biennale


Many thanks to David St-Onge for his work and support in ensuring that this exhibition component can exist within ICRA 2019.

Anouk Wipprecht DrinkBotDress.jpg
Mega Hysterical Machine Bill Vorn.jpg
TheObsessiveDrafter Guillaume Credoz.jpg
Sound settler.jpg
1 - Co-AI-xistence- © Justine Emard - AD
Castles Made of Sand Michel de Broin.jpg
Prosperity Samuel St-Aubin.jpg
Articulated Head Stelarc.jpg

FORUM: Expressive Motions

May 22

A full day forum – “Expressive Motions” will explore topics related to the theme with the participation of artists/researchers involved in the exhibition alongside a poster/interactive session. An eminent panel is also planned to discuss collaborative aspects of multidisciplinary research.



Bill Vorn - Behavior and Misbehavior: A Path to Believable Living Machines


Jean-Pierre Laumond - Motion as Artistic Matter 


Guillaume Bourrassa - Innovation: a Creative Drive for Moment Factory


Justine Emard - Reborn 


Coffee Break


Panel hosted by IEEE Spectrum


Lunch Break


Ken Goldberg - Robo-Exoticism:  The Expressive Motions and Emotions of Our All Too Human Machines


Heather Knight - How Robot Motions Influence Human Behavior


Jean-Pierre Gauthier - Performative Objects and Empathy


Student Session


A separate student art exhibition curated by professional artists and art professors (Alexandre Castonguay and Jean-Pierre Gauthier) will be hosted in parallel to the main exhibition providing early career artists with the opportunity to engage with the robotics research community.


May 20 - 24, 2019

Palais des congrès de Montréal

159 Saint-Antoine St. West
Montréal, Québec
H2Z 1H2

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