ELEKTRA 2017 - JUNE 27 TO 29

The 18th edition of the International Digital Art Festival.

AUTOMATA 2 – The Big Data Spectacle is part of a three-year cycle that started in 2016 with Art Made by Machines for Machines. In 2017, ELEKTRA continues its reflections on the upheavals digital technology creates in our lives, art and culture. In 2016, the programming offered a vision of what artworks created by machines would look like (for a possible audience of machines), by taking a critical look at the human race; the 2017 edition is a reflection on how important the data we continually generate has become and how it increasingly shapes our lives: control, disconnection, immersion, illusion, power. Alain Thibault – Artistic Director 

The 18th edition of ELEKTRA Festival :


- More than 4 000 visitors

- 6 locations

- 52 partners :

  • 9 governmental and institutional partners

  • 16 cultural partners

  • 19 media partners 

  • 6 collaborators and sponsors

  • 1 touristic partner

- Local and international artists


This year the festival will kick off on June 27 at Société des arts technologiques – SAT with an immersive projection in the SATosphere, TIM, by Nicolas Noël Jodoin, Joël-Aimé Beauchamp and Marussia Lamy. Audiences will be plunged into Tim’s inner world and accompany him in his fall through the dream-like scenery of his world. An imposing space where temporal relations are expressed through powerful, magnificent images accompanied by a gripping soundscape.

Usine C – Exhibition and performances :

  • Inferno – Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn (QC-CA / SG)

  • The Indivisible (Prototype N.1) – Norimichi Hirakawa (JP)

  • A Truly Magical Moment – Adam Basanta (CA)

  • Light Wave – Junbong Song & Jaehyuck Bae (KR)

  • Chair Walker 2.0 – YoungKak Cho & Joonhyuk Sim (KR)

  • Enigma – Purform (QC-CA)


Cinémathèque québécoise : An immersive video installation INVERSO MUNDUS by the Russian collective AES+F (RU)

JUNE 3 – Educational project Digital Ecosystems #Data Montréal

On June 3 we have showcased once again at Eastern Bloc the artworks created through our educational activity, given by Mickaël Lafontaine and internationally renowned guest artist Herman Kolgen. This activity also falls under the second edition of AUTOMATA's theme. The presentation is the result of a series of workshops given to kids in school environments, in which they were introduced to data mining and data interpretation and visualization techniques. The kids will realize cartographies of their city during the performance. Emerging from the encounter of the City's open data and the kids's digital experimentations, these maps reveal a unique outlook on the city. 


5445 de Gaspé Avenue

space 104, Montreal 

QC, Canada H2T 3B2 



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