ELEKTRA 2005 - MAY 10 TO 15

The 6th edition of the International Digital Art Festival.


“This event stems from a desire to see all existing divides disappear between the various form of arts that draw in technological tools as a form of expression. Since its very beginning in 1999, ELEKTRA has become a crossroads of sorts-more specifically a meeting place for electronic musicians and artists involved in the various fields of visual creation.

"This sixth edition puts forward a circuit whose reach spans from electronic music in its purest form – essentially the exploration of the composition of space – to image and sound deployments delivered by artists from more than eight countries. The year 2005 also marks the introduction of two new tiers that cover the fields of interactive installations and design, thus supporting the specific mission carried on by ELEKTRA. I would like to thank all of the new public and especially huge “thanks” to the entire team and to our supportive public.” – Alain Thibault, Art director.



  • Cantique III – Marie Chouinard & Louis Dufort

  • Frequency and Volume – Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

  • Vétroy – Les Platinistes Numériques (Patrick Lamarre, Danny Perreault, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks, Dominic Gagnon, Jason Arsenault)


Audiovisual performances and projections

  • Autechre & SND & Rob Hall

  • C4I – Ryoji Ikeda

  • Epsilonlab (TK)

  • Espace V – Zack Settel

  • Four Wheel Drift (Re-Mix) – Julie Andreyev & Jordan Benwick

  • L'Archange – Louis Dufort, Alain Pelletier, Alexis Nouss, Pauline Vaillancourt

  • Lebensraum/Lifespace – Istvan Kantor

  • Light Turned Down – D-Fuse, Scanner

  • Plastikman Video Trilogy – Ali M. Demirel

  • Public Anémie – Servovalve

  • Redsnipe – S338 : Patrick Codenys & Kendell Geers

  • Requiem – Khrystell Burlin

  • Sieves II – Jean Piché

  • This is a portrait – Delphine Measroch & Nicolas Bernier

  • UVA – United Visual Artists



  • Eden – Robert Normandeau

  • Espaces Urbains 1 – Ned Bouhalassa

  • Front 242 - Métropolis

  • Hi-Res.1 – Louis Dufort

  • One Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow – Ambrose Field

  • Writing Machine – Nicolas Bernier

Elektra_Qc (as part of Manif d'Art in Québec)

  • Bharat - Spin - Express – Jean Piché

  • Black_Box – Purform

  • Epsilonlab


  • 1024, design en mouvement, D-Fuse, Etienne Auger, Frédéric Bourque, MK12, Richard « Dr. » Baily, UVA, Georges Fok

  • Concours Alpha_Elektra

  • Transmediale festival presentation, Andreas Broeckmann

  • Responsive Audio/Visual spaces, Chris Salter (Immersion, Performance and the Elasticity of Tim)




5445 de Gaspé Avenue

space 104, Montreal 

QC, Canada H2T 3B2 



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