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ELEKTRA presents and promotes works created at the intersections of contemporary art and new technologies, inscribed in the latest aesthetic currents of research and experimentation.

ELEKTRA produces events and exhibitions, and other activities locally (Montreal, QC) and internationally (Europe, East Asia, namely China, South Korea, Japan, and the Asia Pacific region).

Our main activities are the ELEKTRA International Digital Art Festival which showcases audiovisual, immersive, participatory and robotic artistic performances since 1999; the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN), created in 2012. The BIAN is a large exhibition featuring unique and innovative works at the intersections of new technologies and contemporary artistic creation; the International Marketplace For Digital Art (MIAN) is our annual professional gathering (also open to the public). Since 2007, the MIAN invites to Montreal major actors of contemporary art and digital cultures international ecosystem. We also produce, co-produce or collaborate with international events and exhibitions.















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