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Blowback, 2013

6th International Digital Art Biennial 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal 

01.12.2022 - 05.02.2023


Michel de Broin deepens his cross-disciplinary practice by developing an ever-expanding visual vocabulary. His approach to production explores the intersections between technological, biological, and physical systems. Crafting unforeseen relationships between waste, productivity, consumption and risk, de Broin challenges the use-value and conventional associations of familiar objects and symbols: he infuse them new meaning and develops new contexts. 


Blowback, 2013 - Steel installation, 393 3/4 x 157 1/2 x 157 1/2 in

In Blowback, Michel de Broin appropriates the codes of war, conceived as the armed confrontation between two opposing powers, by diverting the destructive power of two cannons linked by a tube. 


The cancellation of the conflict between the antagonistic poles of the two guns is obtained by the creation of a dependence induced by the tube they have in common. Artistically, this forced relationship generates in the work an interesting polysemy related to the notion of cycle. War and peace, life and death, creation and destruction are themes that are both playful and critical. The viewer's body is called upon to participate in the multiplicity of the work's meanings, by moving around the curve described by the linked canons. In this movement, we are then led to question our degree of participation in violence conceived as a system, and our capacities of resistance in the face of this same violence. 

Majudia Collection 

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