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5th International Digital Art Biennial 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal 

11.19.2021 - 02.13.2022


Daniel Iregui is a Montreal-based New Media artist who creates interactive sculptures, immersive spaces, and architectural interventions using technology as both a tool and aesthetic.


In 2010 Daniel founded Iregular, a now renowned interactive content creation studio. Daniel runs the studio and acts as Artistic Director for all projects. He has led many projects throughout the years, and each one of them was experience-centric. His work as he says is “not meant to be seen, but to be lived”. The interactive aspect is thus the focal point of Iregular creations. Merging art and technology, the studio conceives and produces pieces using code, algorithms, geometry, AI, and sound and lighting softwares to generate real-time reactive content and produce immersive audiovisual experiences. 


Iregular has produced over 40 interactive installations and won more than 30 prizes for its innovative works, including the grand NUMIX prize awarded to the piece DELETE in 2017.


Video projection, webcam, computer 

ANTIBODIES was initially created during the pandemic-induced lockdown as an interactive web experience. For a period of time, all social gatherings were transformed into video-conference calls. ANTIBODIES mimics this phenomenon, and creates a never-ending virtual get-together everyone around the world can join at any time. It invites people to make facial expressions while a software tracks these gestures and responds with overlaid patterns and sounds. So far, more than 10,000 people from 48 different countries have taken part. For reference, you can access the web experience here:


As lockdown measures progressively eased, ANTIBODIES accompanied that change and developed into a physical installation for public spaces. Precisely tracking the face of multiple people in a public space is a hard endeavor. To achieve this, the piece uses CURSOR, a cutting-edge technology we have been developing for 4 years. By using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, CURSOR is able to track big crowds in very large areas through several tracking features. One of them is a powerful face tracking attribute, and it is the one used for ANTIBODIES’ physical adaptation, which consists of one immersive experience for indoor spaces and another architectural projection for outdoor settings. 

Created by Daniel Iregui and Iregular Studio. 

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