MIAN 2015 – MAY 14 TO 15

9th edition International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) at Cinémathèque québécoise.

The International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) is the professional stream of ELEKTRA. Since 2007, this activity has been attracting important representatives of the world of digital arts from every continent. By bringing together key people in the field, the MIAN encourages collaborative and presentation projects and paves the way for local artists to present abroad. Every year, producers, curators, agents, journalists and other international players meet the creators and organizations that contribute to our cultural dynamism..


The MIAN takes the form of short presentations: international guests describe their activities and local artists and organizations share the works and projects they want to promote beyond our borders. In addition to attending Elektra’s artistic activities, MIAN guests also participate in a series of visits to research and creation laboratories, presentation venues and artists’ studios and meet Montreal’s main players in the digital arts.


International guests

• Pauline Chasseriaud, Festival Accès(s), Billère (FR)
• Olga Shishko, MediaArtLab, Moscou (RU)
• Olga Majcen Linn, Kontejner, Zagreb (HR)
• Wim van der Plas, ISEA International, Rotterdam (NL)
• Olga Mink, Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven (NL)
• Doo Eun Choi, commissaire, New York (US)
• Melina Izar Marson, SESC-SP, São Paulo (BR)
• Tania Aedo, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico (MX)
• Chris Romero, Bitforms Gallery, New York (US)
• David Familian, The Beall Center for Art + Technology, Irvine (CA-US)
• Ellen Pau, Microwave, Hong Kong (HK)

Canadian artists and institutions

• Alain Thibault, ELEKTRA-BIAN-BIAS (QC-CA)
• Colin Rothfels, artist, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Bill Vorn, artist, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Peter Flemming, artist, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, artist, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Emmanuel Madan, artist, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Thomas McIntosh [The User], artist, Montréal (UK/QC-CA)
• Jane Tingley, artist, Toronto (ON-CA)
• Donna Legault, artist, Ottawa (ON-CA)
• Adam Basanta, artist, Montréal/Vancouver (QC/BC-CA)
• Aurélie Besson, Molior, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Marc Tremblay and Jérôme Forget, Festival PHOS, Matane (QC-CA)
• Robin Dupuis, Perte de Signal, Montréal (QC-CA)
• Michael Alstad, Year Zero One, Toronto (ON-CA)
• Katja Melzer, SAW Video Media Art Centre, Ottawa (ON-CA)
• Greg J. Smith, HOLO Magazine / CreativeApplications.net, Toronto (ON-CA)
• Philippe Pasquier, ISEA2015, Vancouver (BC-CA)

MUTEK and ELEKTRA organized DIGITAL QUEBEC held in London at the British Film Institute (BFI) on March 12 and 13, 2015 with the International Digital Art Market (MIAN).


• Alain Thibault, ELEKTRA – BIAN (Montréal, QC-CA)

• Wayne Ashley, FuturePerfect (New York, US)
• Matthew Biederman, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Jean Dubois, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks (New York, US)
• Robin Dupuis, Perte de Signal (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Aurélie Besson, Molior (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Kelani Nichole, TRANSFER Gallery (New York, US)
• [The User] (Thomas McIntosh & Emmanuel Madan), artists, Montréal (UK/QC-CA)
• Adam Basanta, artist (Montréal/Vancouver, QC/BC-CA)
• Projet EVA (Etienne Grenier & Simon Laroche), artists (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Kevin Cunningham, 3-Legged Dog (New York, US)
• Line Dezainde, Sporobole (Sherbrooke, QC-CA)
• Bill Vorn, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Nina Colosi, The Streaming Museum (New York, US)
• Lynn Hughes, artist + TAG Technoculture Art & Game Concordia (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Chris Salter, artist + Hexagram (Montreal, QC-CA)
• Kerry Doran, bitforms gallery (New York, US)

As part of the QUEBEC DIGITAL ART @ NYC event, ELEKTRA co-presented in 2015 an edition is pleased to co-present with FuturePerfect a New York edition of the International Digital Arts Market (MIAN) which took place on October 23 at NY Media Center IFP.


• Alain Thibault, ELEKTRA / BIAN (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Fabrizio Grifasi, Romaeuropa Festival (Roma, IT)
• Bill Vorn, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Louis-Philippe Demers, artist (Montréal, QC-CA / Singapour, SG)
• Gianluca Del Gobbo, LPM – Live Performers Meeting (Roma, IT)
• Chris Salter, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Andrea Polato, Transart Festival (Bolzano, IT)
• Jean Dubois, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Pascal Dufaux, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Marcello Arosio, Kernel Festival (Monza, IT)
• Patrick Harrop, Perte de Signal (Montréal, QC-CA)
• Martin Romeo, Toolkit Festival (Venezia, IT)
• Myriam Bleau, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)




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