MIAN 2017 – JUNE 28 TO 29

11th edition International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) at Cinémathèque québécoise.

The International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) is the professional stream of ELEKTRA. Since 2007, this activity has been attracting important representatives of the world of digital arts from every continent. By bringing together key people in the field, the MIAN encourages collaborative and presentation projects and paves the way for local artists to present abroad. Every year, producers, curators, agents, journalists and other international players meet the creators and organizations that contribute to our cultural dynamism.


The MIAN takes the form of short presentations: international guests describe their activities and local artists and organizations share the works and projects they want to promote beyond our borders. In addition to attending Elektra’s artistic activities, MIAN guests also participate in a series of visits to research and creation laboratories, presentation venues and artists’ studios and meet Montreal’s main players in the digital arts.


International guests

• Semibreve Festival – Luís Fernandes (Braga, PT)
• ISI_Lab Festival – Mathilde Nourisson-Moncey (Montpellier, FR)
• Le Volcan – Jean-François Driant (Le Havre, FR)
• Seconde Nature – Fabien Fabre (Aix-en-Provence, FR)
• Digitalarti – Maxence Grugier (Paris, FR)
• V&A Digital Design Weekend – Irini Papadimitriou (Londres, UK)
• Gonzo (circus) – Ruth Timmermans (Amsterdam, NL)
• Fiber Festival – Jarl Schulp (Amsterdam, NL)
• Screen City Biennial – Daniela Arriado (Stavanger, NO)
• MoMA – Barbara London (New York, US)
• Hyphen Hub – Asher Remy-Toledo (New York City, US)
• Aurora Festival – Joshua King (Dallas, US)
• DaVinci Creative – Sooa Kim (Seoul, KR)
• Art Center Nabi – Doo Eun Choi (Seoul, KR)
• Japan Media Arts Festival – Keiko Kobayashi (Tokyo, JP)

Canadian artists and institutions

• Myriam Bleau (QC-CA)
• FonoFone / Yves Daoust (QC-CA)
• Daniel Iregui (CO/QC-CA)
• InterAccess / Susan Kordalewski (ON-CA)
• SATosphère / Joseph Lefèvre (QC-CA)
• Donna Legault (ON-CA)
• Philomène Longpré (QC-CA)
• Milieux – Concordia / Alexandre Saunier (FR/QC)
• Jane Tingley (ON-CA)
• Creative Applications / Greg J. Smith (ON-CA)
• MAPP_MTL / Thien Vu Dang (QC-CA)




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