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Fauna - Seven Sisters National Park series,



The 28th International Symposium

on Electronic Art edition 

16 - 21 May 2023, Forum des images, Paris



Lives and works in Montreal, QC, Canada


My practice is interested in process, nontraditional tools and materials and the use of camera less photography to reveal aspects of the natural.

Through cycles of transformation between the virtual and the physical, I create “new seeds” that I plant in different materials to discover what emerges. The starting point is often natural specimens from a specific location scanogramed.

Recently, I have encompassed interests for spiritual utopias and experimental projects. The concept of “flatness” interests me for its capacity to reboot societies under no, or different, hierarchies, including non-human people. Lately, I have been focusing on making nature control what humans create.


Video installation

The video work has the Seven Sisters National Park (England) still life series as a starting point. The series was created following my visit in 2013. The works attempt to translate the uncanniness of the place; mountains and shores made of chalk that the sea erodes with its come and go. My video works are always slow to impose slowing down, to mimic the rhythm of plants and to reward the gaze that looks with attention.  

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