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Spaghetti, Prosperity 


The 28th International Symposium
on Electronic Art edition 

16 - 21 May 2023, Forum des images, Paris


Samuel St-Aubin has been part of the electronic arts world since 2002. He has helped produce the work of a number of Quebec artists and collectives. For the past few years, he has been focusing on his own creative efforts. The electronics technician reinvents everyday objects. He injects another dimension into his creations that goes beyond the utilitarian reality of the object, by diverting them from their primary purpose, radically disrupting our relationship with the object. With unflinching precision, his works let us tap into the poetry of the everyday, discovered in the simplicity of existence.

Prosperity (stand-alone system)


Prosperity is an autonomous device that manipulates grains of rice. A clamp moves from one surface to another, picking up randomly placed grains and then depositing them in an orderly manner on a second surface. This process aligns them while preserving their initial orientation. The work highlights the exchanges between the machine and the material, which imposes its constraints on the machine, which must continually repeat the sequences of analysis and movement.

  • Noir Vimeo Icône

Spaghetti (stand-alone system)

In Spaghetti, the viewer is confronted with a machine that compresses a strand of spaghetti with precision until it inevitably breaks. By watching this process, the viewer feels as though their own psychological and bodily tension is being transferred to the machine, experiencing the sensation of the body being subjected to pressure. Through this machine performance, the artist explores themes of technology, the body, and humanity's relationship with machines in an increasingly automated world

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