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Over the Air, 2018 


Hyundai Motorstudio 

Seoul [KR] 

6.15 - 9.20,  2020 


TeamVOID is a collective composed of Junbong Song, Jaehyuck Bae, and Booyoung Seok. The team designs experimental systems using various media such as robots, interactive, kinetic and light sculptures. Youngkak Cho is a new media artist who works on the basis of his research on the possibility of irregular system operations and its merits. In this project, he designed a work planning and sound generating system, and worked together to make the sound and performance of the robot work together. 

02_Team_Void HMS_348.jpg

Robotic performance. 2 Robot Arms (KUKA iiwa), 2 robot pedestals, wooden box, papers, pen, speakers.

Over the Air is a robotic performance that involves signals generated from data based on the world’s air quality index and an industrial robot arm that reconstructs this data to generate a drawing and sound. This artwork reflects the correlation between future industries and environmental pollution, and at the same time reveals various aspects of data interpretation. Through this, the viewer can experience the result of the assumption of the map drawn by the data contour of each city in audio-visual form. 

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