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EXO (Rev.2023), Sonergie (Remastering 2023) 

Monde Futur.e World

22th International Digital Art Festival 

18, 21, 22 October 2023, Listening room

7:00 - 10:00 PM Live Performance

Free entrance


Alain Thibault's music and audiovisual collaborations have been presented locally and internationally in many contexts, including contemporary music and digital art events in North America, Europe and Asia. As a curator and artistic director in the fields of contemporary digital art, electronic music and sound art, Alain Thibault is also the founder of two major events in Montreal: ELEKTRA, a festival dedicated since 1999 to digital art performances and BIAN, the International Digital Art Biennial, focused on exhibitions, installations and public art since 2012.  

EXO was originally created for the opening of the new Montreal Planetarium in 2013, and more specifically for the exhibition on exoplanets.

Sonergie was created in 1980 and tied for 1st prize in the Electroacoustic Music category of the 1981-82 CBC National Competition for Young Composers.

The analog audio sources come from a modular synthesizer and are characterized by the use of frequency modulation (FM).

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