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Timothy Thomasson

Timothy Thomasson


I'm Feeling Lucky



Timothy Thomasson is a Montréal-based artist. His work interrogates the ways in which moving images are produced and consumed in historical and contemporary contexts, looking particularly at the effects of computer-generated images and emerging technologies on society, culture and perception. His work has been presented at numerous galleries and media festivals in Canada and internationally

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I'm Feeling Lucky

Real-Time Computer Animation, Generative, 4K Screen

I'm Feeling Lucky features an infinite virtual landscape that is historically and geographically ambiguous. The virtual landscape is populated with thousands of figures sourced from Google Street View. The work takes into consideration panorama paintings of the 19th century as objects of historical, cultural, and perceptual significance. Panoramas are theorized as part of the lineage of immersive media technologies. In this case, the panoramic image becomes infinite as the perspective travels across the landscape endlessly.

This work was created with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Sound Design / Composition: Tatum Wilson

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