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AMORPH, 2018

6th International Digital Art Biennial 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal 

12.01.2022 - 02.05.2023


Yunchul Kim is a transdisciplinary artist and electronic music composer who works in installations, drawings, sound, texts and other media. Dynamically integrating science, technology, music, philosophy and poetry into his practice, Kim unravels a universe of mattereal entanglements, and his transmaterial work has been recognized with the 2016 Collide International Award (CERN) and awards at VIDA 15.0, Ars Electronica and Transmediale, among others. Also an active member of many cutting-edge collaborative research projects such as Mattereality (KIAS, leader), Liquid Things (Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna) and Fluid Skies, in 2014 he founded Studio Locus Solus in Seoul. His works have been shown internationally including: Yokohama Triennale, Japan; KUMU, Tallinn; CCCB, Barcelona; FACT, Liverpool; ZKM, Germany; Ars Electronica, Austria; International Triennial of New media art, China; VIDA15.0, Spain; Transmediale, Germany; ISEA, Germany; and New York Digital Salon, amongst others. His latest solo show, Gyre, was at the Korean Pavilion of the Venice Biennale, 2022.


Acrylic, hydrogel, LED

100 x 100 cm

Photo Ⓒ Korea Cultural Centre, Dan Weill Photography

In Amorph, a mixture of water and glycerine in motion moves around the periphery of a circle illuminated by LEDs. What is important for the artist here is to reveal the dynamic processes by which reality presents itself to us, in contrast to the fixed entities -  atoms, molecules and DNA - privileged by classical scientific models. The changes in color and shape put the observer in contact with a reality resisting any stable definition and conceptualization.

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