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LOREM (...)

Tesh, 2023 

Monde Futur.e World

22th International Digital Art Festival 

18 October 2023, PHI Centre Espace 1

7:30 PM Doors open - 8:00 PM Live Performance


Lorem is an individual/multiple identity working across sound and media by exploring states of consciousness and emotional datasets through visceral narrative AV experiences. Lorem collaborated with artists, researchers and practitioners, including: Danny Elfman, Blixa Bargeld (Einturzende Neubaten), Arca, MAEID Bureau, Acre, Senyawa, Mario Klingemann, Silvia Costa. Lorem’s work has been displayed (among others) at Ars Electronica, Biennale di Venezia, Opéra de Lille, London Design Biennale, Berlin Transmediale, NXT Museum Amsterdam, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Museo Triennale di Milano, HEK Basel, Design Museum, Festival de Imagen Colombia. Lorem is directed by Francesco D’Abbraccio, creative co-director of Krisis Publishing, an editorial and curatorial plaftform focusing on the impact of media culture on contemporary contexts.  


In the wake of the installation Distrust Everything, Tesh is the performative version of the work's new chapter. Combining transcriptions of dreams and weird literature through the use of machine learning systems, the work weaves sonic and narrative elements within Lorem's skewed and oneiric imagery. Tesh is a hymn to imagination as an escape route from the realism that burdens our language and our experience of the world.

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