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08 - 09 NOVEMBER 2018 THE MIAN 



As part of the professional meetings of Chroniques : Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques will also be held the International Marketplace For Digital Art (MIAN) on November 08 and 09 at thecamp. Discover the complete program of the Market:

This autumn, Chroniques : Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques​ welcomes MIAN to thecamp in Aix-en-Provence. The major players in the international digital art will gather for presentations of projects and experiences in front of a crowd of international guests.

The MIAN takes the form of short presentations: international guests describe their activities and local artists and organizations share the works and projects they want to promote abroad. In addition to attending Elektra’s artistic activities, MIAN guests also participate in a series of visits to research and creation laboratories, presentation venues and artists’ studios, and meet Montreal’s main players in the digital arts.

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> 9:30AM - 12:00PM

- Conference : Québec - Chronicle of an Evolution

Two hours about Québec Province, how cities has emerged within the digital. Which actors lead this ambition and what collaborations emerged ?

Guests: Mehdi Benboubakeur, Printemps Numérique Montréal

Alain Thibault, director of Elektra Festival

Sakchin Bessette, co-founder and creative director of Moment Factory

Réjean Perron, director of support for the dissemination and international influence of the Quebec Council of Arts and Letters 

Moderator: Vincent Guillon, Observatory of Cultural Policies

> 11:00AM - 12:00PM

> 3:45PM - 4:45PM

- Open Talk

Everything you want to know about the incubators and public and privates offices for cooperation.


> 2:00PM - 3:30PM

- Panel: LIVE, FEEL, EXPERIMENT THE CITY Who is making the city today ? Digital economy ? Cultural centers ? And what about political and citizens concerns ?

Guests: Sophie Joissains, City Councilor of Aix-en-Provence / Senator of Bouches-du-Rhône

Nathalie Bazoche, Cultural Development Manager, EDF Foundation

Maria Finders, Luma Foundation in Arles

Bernard Gilbert, Director of the Diamond in Quebec Monique Savoie, President - Founder & Artistic Director of SAT - Société des arts technologiques

> 2:00PM - 4:30PM

- Presentations

Speakers: Marco Mancuso, Founder and Director of Digicult Media (IT)

Alix Debbusche, Co-Founder of the Open Art Prize (FR) Light Society : Sakchin Bessette & Aliya Orr (QC)

Anna-Eva Berge, Artist, founder of the collective AILO (FR)

Lynn Hughes, Artist and Professor (QC)

Karkatag, Artist (RS)

Geneviève Giasson (QC), représentante de Arsenal Art Contemporain

Christine Redfern, Director of Ellephant Gallery (QC) John Zeppetelli - Artistic Director and Chief Curator of the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Aurélie Besson, director of Molior (QC)


> 9:30AM - 11:00AM

- Panel: Where does the innovation emerge?

In the past, innovation emerged from spaces like Silicon Valley or Vincennes university in Paris. What about today ? Education spaces, experimentation places like Livinglabs, Friches, third places, but also private incubators. Innovation is the promise of tomorrow. What about the artists ?


Guests: Olivier Mathiot, president of thecamp

Frédéric Ménard, Director of Coursive Boutaric, Dijon Relja Bobic, Nova Iskra and Kulturini Code (Serbia) Giovanna Amadasi, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca (Milan) Foundation

Eric Berton - Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Sport, Vice President Innovation & Valorisation AMU

Lynn Hugues, Concordia University (QC)

> 10:00AM - 11:00AM

> 3:00PM - 4:00PM

- Open Talk

Everything you want to know about the incubators and public and privates offices for cooperation.

Guests: PROVENCE TRAVEL INNOVATION, AMI - PLATEFORME DYNAMO, Marc Langlois, Director of the Chasse Galerie (QC)

> 11:15AM - 1:00PM


What about tourism today ? How to develop a sustainable touristic strategy for cities and metropolis around the world ?

Guests: Laurent Queige, director of Welcome City Lab Giorgia Boldrini, cultural representative of the city of Bologna UNESCO « Ville Créative » of music

Anne-Isabelle Vignaud, Center of National Monuments Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta

Martine Rioux, Director of Québec numérique

> 11:15AM - 4:30PM

- Presentations

Speakers: Nacho de la Vega and Cristina da Silva, co-founders and co-directors of the LEV Festival (PT)

Marc Tremblay, Director of the Phos Festival (QC)

Locose, Collective of artists (IT)

Adelin Schweitzer, Artist (FR)

Mathilde Lavenne, Artist, laureate of Chroniques (FR)

Natacha Seignolles (FR). Founder of Decalab

Yan Breuleux, Artist (QC)

Pierce Warneke, Artist - University Berklee Valencia (SP) Doo Eun Choi, Independent Curator (KR)

Morgane Stricot, ZKM | Center for Art and Media (DE)

Jason Arsenault, member of Perte de Signal (QC)

Frederic Loury, Art Souterrain (QC)

Anna-Eva Berge, artist, founder of AILO (FR)

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