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 Postponed to June 2021.

Due to the travel restrictions and social distancing measures currently in place in Québec and in Canada, we have decided to postpone our 2020 professional activities.
14th International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) and the Digital Strategies Forum will take place in June 2021.

Since 2007, the International Marketplace for Digital Art – MIAN – is our yearly gathering for professionals. Part of the ELEKTRA Festival, this activity brings together major players of the international digital art scene with the goal to foster exchanges between participants and to promote local artists abroad. The MIAN consists of presentations and round tables: international guests describe the missions and activities of their institutions; local and national artists and organisations present their most recent works and projects.

In addition to attending the performances and exhibitions of the ELEKTRA Festival and the BIAN, international guests visit various exhibition spaces, research-creation laboratories, and artists' studios in Montreal. The cultural and economic impacts of MIAN are noticeable: it has generated several new collaborations with international institutions and international outreach opportunities for our digital contemporary artists.


The Forum is postponed to June 2021.

In the framework of the MIAN and of the 5th BIAN, we add to our programming the Digital Strategies consultation forum. During two days, leaders and managers of cultural institutions, Canadian and international artists, and experts will be invited to reflect on four main themes: curating, mediation, collecting and conservation, and copyright. 

In plenary sessions and workshops, participants will identify issues and corresponding strategies suited to their practices and experiences in the field. A report will be produced and shared with all participants at the outcome of the forum.


MIAN 2017, presentation

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