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Matthew Biederman's installations, curated by ELEKTRA, will be presented during This is Québec event in Tokyo.

December 12 -13, 2019

Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan




Matthew Biederman works across media and milieus, architectures and systems, communities and continents since 1990. He creates works where light, space and sound reflect on the intricacies of perception. Since 2008 he is a co-founder of Arctic Perspective Initiative, with Marko Peljhan working on throughout the circumpolar region. 

Biederman was the recipient of the Bay Area Artist Award in Video by New Langton Arts, First Place in the Visual Arts category of Slovenia’s Break21.

He has served as artist-in-residence at a variety of institutions and institutes, including the Center for Experimental Television on numerous occasions, CMU’s CREATE lab, the Wave Farm and many more. His work has been featured at: Lyon Bienniale, Istanbul Design Bienniale, The Tokyo Museum of Photography, ELEKTRA, MUTEK, Ars Electronica, Bienniale of Digital Art (CA), Artissima (IT), SCAPE Bienniale (NZ) and the Moscow Biennale (RU), among others.

Biederman is currently represented by Art45 + and lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.


Both artistic and scientific research have always aimed to transcend known boundaries, pushing back the edges of understanding, of sight, and of sound and movement, both great and small, from the edges of the universe, to the edges of atoms, to the threshold of time itself.


Richard Feynman famously taught us “there’s plenty of room at the bottom” during his lecture at Caltech in 1959, presaging the nanotechnology revolution we are witnessing today.


Using models of wave propagation and optical materials as points of departure for an exploration of colour, perception, and scale, we can consider and reflect upon these phenomena.

This set of works is the result of a collaboration and residency at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga, Portugal. With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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