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Cloud Face – Real Time, 2015

Cloud Face, 2012 


12.03.2020 - 04.26.2021

Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul [KR]


Shinseungback Kimyonghun is a Seoul based artistic duo consisting of computer engineer Shin Seung Back and artist Kim Yong Hun. Their collaborative practice explores technology and humanity. Their work has been exhibited internationally including Ars Electronica Festival, ZKM, NTT ICC and MMCA.


Camera pointing the Seoul sky, 4 video screens 1920 x 1920 px, computers, Internet

Cloud Face, 2012

Humans see figures in clouds: animals, faces and even god. This kind of perception also appears in machine vision. Face-detection algorithms sometimes find faces where there are not any.

Cloud Face is a collection of cloud images that are recognized as human faces by AI. It is a result of AI’s vision error and they often look like faces to human eyes too. Humans, yet, know these are not actual faces. Humans rather imagine faces from the clouds. Here, the error of AI and the imagination of humans meet.


Cloud Face – Real Time, 2015

Commissioned by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany. 

This is the real time version of Cloud Face (2012) which are cloud images recognized as faces by AI. A camera continually takes pictures of the sky, and AI looks for faces in the pictures. The found faces get simultaneously shown on screen. In this exhibition, the artists install a camera in Montreal to collect faces from the sky of the city and present the cloud faces on monitors in the Hyundai Motorstudio in Seoul.

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