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Soft Robotics, photo : Anna Schaeffner

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CLUSTER 10 - The Body and the Mind in the Digital Age

This cluster will develop a prototype for an interactive installation which will allow participants to explore different sensorial, emotional, and psychological states, with a particular focus on the markers and underlying processes for empathy.


Nora Gibson

Gabrielle Couillard



Naila Kuhlmann

Iris Godbout

Jad Dess

REC team talks to local and international artist-researchers 

participants in the MATERIA public lab

Photo : Alejandro Escamilla



[Concordia University]

Gibson earned a BFA in Dance from Tisch, NYU. From 2010-2013, she danced for Lucinda Childs as part of PCAH’s Virtual Reconstruction project. As the choreographer of Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet, she was a resident artist in the US and abroad, including the Choreographers on Campus Residency, through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2014), Diepenheim Werkplaats (2016), Kaatsbaan (2017), and The Dance Visions Residency (2018). Her work was described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as "the most authoritative work in Philadelphia. . ." Her visuals have been featured by Ars Electronica's Online Global Gallery, Contemporary & Digital Art Fair("CADAF") (NYC), Lightbox (NYC), the Franklin Institute (PHL) and Urban Screens Production (AUS). She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree at Concordia University in Intermedia.



After completing a bachelor's degree in theatre studies at UQAM, Gabrielle Couillard explored the world of live performance in both sound and production, particularly interested in the design of sound spaces that evoke significant places and feelings. Currently completing a master's degree in experimental media, she intertwines different creative experiences and audio techniques, including poetry, field recording and sound chain transformations, to create small abstract sound worlds. She is particularly interested in issues of sound spatialization and immersivity, both from a technical and creative point of view. She explores the relationship between body and space through sound, through her own experience of the disabled body.

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