Institutional words of support

@ Ville de Montréal / Sylvain Légaré

Steven Guilbeault

Minister of Canadian Heritage



This fascinating event asks the question, what comes next? In this time of unsettling change and challenge, it is often art that helps us understand who we are and where we are going as a society. 

Throughout our country this year, arts and cultural groups have persevered in the face of the pandemic. Their work is inspiring, because it provides a source of joy in difficult times. Our government believes arts and culture unite us all and allow us to celebrate our rich diversity. That is why we are proud to support the arts and culture across the country. 

As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I congratulate the organizers, volunteers and artists who worked to create such a thought-provoking event. 

Nathalie Roy 
Minister of Culture and Communications

Since its inception in 1999, the ELEKTRA Festival has proudly presented works illustrating the influence of new technologies on digital art in order to link digital image, robotics, theater, dance and performance to music. It has become a staple event for amateurs and connoisseurs. 

A prime showcase for the latest trends and creations in the field, the Festival has acquired great notoriety on the international scene, in addition to contributing to Québec's influence abroad, particularly this year in Asia.  


Our Government is proud to support the 2020 edition of the ELEKTRA Festival and to contribute to its success. It highlights the creative potential of local and international artists through new technologies in an original and daring way. Year after year, it offers the opportunity for the general public to discover a new cultural field by learning about digital art. 


We wish you all a great 2020 ELEKTRA Festival, and long live digital art! 

Nadine Girault 
Minister of International Relationships and Francophonie 

And Minister of Immigration, Francisation and Integration 

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montreal

I’m delighted that ELEKTRA has decided to go ahead with the presentation of an event this Fall, the METAMORPHOSIS exhibit held at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal. The digital works will be unveiled in all their beauty, under the theme of transformation. 


ELEKTRA and its one-of-a-kind events heighten Montréal’s reputation on the international stage, as a cultural hub and a creative city that promotes the digital arts. What’s so interesting about it is that it pairs research with technology, experimentation and the arts to offer a unique showcase of what’s being done in these areas.  


Montréal is lucky to welcome a number of contemporary artists and creators whose sights are set on the world. The city is extremely proud to support this major annual event, which draws leading actors on the international digital arts scene to Montréal. The resulting exchanges are sure to spark new collaborations, which speak to a spirit of openness, innovation and creativity. 


Congratulations to the organizers for successfully adapting this event, which has become a must for fans of the digital arts. There is no doubt that your efforts will open doors on the international stage for Montréal artists. Thank you for allowing these artistic encounters to flourish and reach a worldwide audience—even at a distance! 

Simon Brault, O.C., O.Q. Director and CEO 

Canada Council for the Arts

The arts further our understanding of one another, and they bring us together to imagine a better world.  

In these unprecedented times, artists and arts organizations are embracing innovative approaches so that they can continue to create their work and share it with audiences. As we grapple with enormous global challenges, the arts offer an endless supply of renewal, inclusion, and resilience.   

The Canada Council for the Arts is proud to support ELEKTRA—and its exhibition, METAMORPHOSIS—which centres on the unifying power of the work it presents.  

@ Canada Council for the Arts / Martin Lipman

Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director 

Montreal council for the Arts


Each year, the ELEKTRA Festival and the International Digital Art Biennial carry us on a wave of discovery and innovation. A new exhibition, based on the theme Metamorphosis, delights us with the same momentum characteristic of the ELEKTRA Festival and the International Digital Art Biennial, inviting us to explore our perpetually changing world. The contemporary artistic creations flowing from this contemplation of mutations instil in us a sense of solidarity and stimulate our forward-looking vision. 


The Conseil des arts de Montréal is renewing its support for the festival and the biennial, which together make a significant and complementary contribution to the evolution of artistic practices and shine the spotlight on new technology. Congratulations to the ELEKTRA team for cultivating, with unflagging energy, wide interest in research and immersive performances. 


I wish you all a very enjoyable event!