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Institutional words of support

Pablo Rodriguez
Minister of Canadian Heritage



This fascinating event asks the question, what comes next? In this time of unsettling change and challenge, it is often art that helps us understand who we are and where we are going as a society.

Throughout our country this year, arts and cultural groups have persevered in the face of the pandemic. Their work is inspiring, because it provides a source of joy in difficult times. Our government believes arts and culture unite us all and allow us to celebrate our rich diversity. That is why we are proud to support the arts and culture across the country. As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I congratulate the organizers, volunteers and artists who worked to create such a thought-provoking event.

Nathalie Roy 
Minister of Culture and Communications

Since its inception in 1999, the ELEKTRA Festival has proudly presented works illustrating the influence of new technologies on digital art in order to link digital image, robotics, theater, dance and performance to music. It has become a staple event for amateurs and connoisseurs of the field. 

A prime showcase for the latest trends and creations in the sector, the Festival has acquired great notoriety on the international scene, in addition to contributing to the promotion of Quebec creators and their works abroad, particularly this year in Asia. 


Culture is a priority for our government throughout Quebec, and that is why we support this event, which highlights the creative potential of local and international artists in an original and daring way, thanks to new technologies. This 2021 edition of the Festival will once again offer the general public in Montreal and elsewhere the opportunity to discover a new cultural field by learning about digital art.


Happy ELEKTRA Festival 2021 and long live digital art!

@ Ville de Montréal / Sylvain Légaré

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montreal

I'm delighted that ELEKTRA is back with the presentation of the 5th International Digital Art Biennial at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montréal. This year's program deals with the phenomena of transformation in a very original way.


ELEKTRA and its unique events contribute to Montréal's international reputation. As a cultural and creative metropolis, Montréal is proud to promote digital arts and to count on innovative organizations such as ELEKTRA, which combines research, technology, experimentation and the arts by offering a unique showcase of these elements.


Montréal is fortunate to be home to many contemporary artists and creators with a global outlook. The city is proud to support this major event that brings together the main players on the global digital scene. The resulting exchanges will certainly stimulate new collaborations, marked by innovation and creativity.


Despite the pandemic, Montréal has made a point of supporting its artists and creators. Despite the health situation that brings its share of challenges, the members of the ELEKTRA team present us with a successful edition of this not-to-be-missed event for digital art lovers. I would like to congratulate them. No doubt that your efforts will open the doors of the world to Montréal artists, by highlighting their immense talent. Thank you for promoting these artistic encounters and for contributing to the international influence of our city.

Simon Brault, O.C., O.Q. Director and CEO 

Canada Council for the Arts

Artists and their collaborators have played a vital role throughout the pandemic: their creations offered hope, helped maintain connections, and pointed to a brighter future. 


As we move forward, we need the arts more than ever—to inspire us and bring us together as we envision a better world for all. Strong support for a resilient, inclusive, and accessible arts sector benefits society in all its diversity.


The Canada Council for the Arts is The Canada Council for the Arts is a proud supporter of ELEKTRA — and its exhibition, METAMORPHOSIS — and its contributions to our shared work to bring the arts to life.

@ Canada Council for the Arts / Christian Lalonde

Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director 

Montreal council for the Arts

In these particularly eventful times when innovation goes hand in hand with instability, the ELEKTRA Festival invites us to explore our ever-changing world.
Bringing together immersivity, robotics and AI under the theme of Metamorphosis, the festival showcases the ongoing mutation of various art forms. The works exhibited at Arsenal blend art and science, feeding our fascination for the coexistence of man and machine. The Conseil des arts de Montréal is proud to renew its support for the ELEKTRA Festival and its
International Digital Art Biennial, two complementary events that are fixtures of the cultural landscape. As landmark events in the staging and showcasing of the latest technologies, both events play a crucial role in the ongoing evolution of artistic practice.

I hope your visit will be a wonderful artistic experience!

@ Normand Huberdeau

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