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JUNE 29 



Freeka Tet is a French-born, New York City-based digital artist and creative mercenary working in the realm of experimental art. His practice combines objects, prosthetics, animatronics, hacking, coding, electronics, audio & video plunderphonics, bricolage, and performance-based work. Taking inspiration from internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behavior, Tet reinterprets the elements he comes into contact with, blurring creative expression with technical execution.

His work has been exhibited in museums and event such as Day for Night, La Gaité Lyrique, Benaki Museum, Foundation Cartier, Google IO2018, Miami Art Basel and more. He often gives lectures and workshops on new media and interactivity for institutions such as the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Rennes and Samsung Creative. Tet has also collaborated with creative minds such as Kyle McDonald, Charlie Lemindu, and Satoru Higa, and has conceived stage or done consulting for musicians such as Chromeo, Jackson & His Computer Band and Gesaffelstein. His portfolio of clients includes Nike, Hotel W and Levi’s, among others.


Freeka is currently active as a creative consultant/designer and is a resident of the BSMT New Media Program at Mana Contemporary.


Tet’s performance is a satirical live performance presented as a musical & visual multifaceted’s project focused on finding an instinctive and radical audio language generated by the intermediary of sensors, DIY Softwares, Game Engines, Face-tracking, & Internet browsing/borrowing. Every facet of this work are constantly changing, which clears the various modes of visual & sound’s generation in a reflex mode, intuitive and playful. This performance is like an attack of epilepsy, convulsive and unpredictable in staccato deconstruction. 

Releases: Ipecac, Le dernier Cri, VVM Vukzid, School of meat cutting, Fathme, Cock rock disco, Hirntrust, Wwilko, Tozitodik, Grindcore Karaoké.

Credits: Freeka Tet and everybody who made the really good and really bad stuff he stole on the internet.

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