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Antibodies, Daniel Iregui, 2020


November 11 - December 17, 2021

Îlot Balmoral, Montréal 

The CORPS DATA project, brought to you by ELEKTRA, presents two interactive installations ANTIBODIES (2020) by Daniel Iregui and RÉSONANCES (2021) by Louis-Philippe Rondeau. It questions the place of the body in space-time through the lens of digital arts. Visitors of the Îlot Balmoral can discover these two works successively from 11.11.2021 to 17.12.2021. Experience it, give your creativity free rein. 

ANTIBODIES, Daniel Iregui, 2020

November 11 to 27, 2021

As we are becoming increasingly jaded and disconnected from other people, ANTIBODIES reflects on how detached we are during video conference calls – today’s imposed form of social gatherings. It also questions our vulnerability in the face of these overpowering platforms that force us to give up our privacy and the intimacy of real-life interactions we once took for granted.
ANTIBODIES is an interactive experience that mimics this phenomenon and creates a similar virtual get-together. As people join, a system tracks the elicited facial expressions of participants, responding with overlaid visual and audio patterns. After each interaction, people’s recorded experiences are added to a gallery of disembodied human beings.

With no other options to sustain our social human nature, we are forced to engage with the virtual communication platforms, no questions asked. On top of the security risks, we also become completely exposed as these technologies listen to our conversations, track our movements and study our behaviours. ANTIBODIES brings this to light by clearly visualising the active tracking action with overlaid graphics that follow our faces’ every move. The piece also highlights the issue of self-awareness: in real life you only see others around you, never yourself, whereas in this “new normal” scenario you are also in the crowd you perceive, which can provoke a plethora of emotions from susceptibility to restraint and insecurity. Finally, it points to how easy it is to be “present” yet completely absent-minded in such contexts, pretending to pay attention only by being in front of a screen.

Photo credit: Iregular

RÉSONANCES, Louis-Philippe Rondeau, 2021

November 29 to December 17

RESONANCES is a metaphor for the passage of time. However, instead of expressing the linearity of time, this interactive installation evokes the way in which the actions of the present are overlapping with those of the past. Like a visual and sound echo, RESONANCES represents our previous actions that resurface, amplifying the present, and becoming in turn past, like a perpetual temporal mise en abyme. This visual and sound loop allows the interactor to choreograph their present by building it on their own past, in a playful and singular way.

Video of Resonances, featuring performer Emily Honegger under the direction of choreographer Milan Gervais, directed by Christian Pomerleau and produced by ELEKTRA (in partnership with the City of Montreal).


Îlot Balmoral 

1501 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H3A 0H3

Please use the entrance on de Bleury Street 

Monday           7am–7pm

Tuesday          7am–7pm

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