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Institutional words of support

Pablo Rodriguez
Minister of Canadian Heritage

Welcome to the 6th International Digital Art Biennial.


This year’s theme, METAMORPHOSIS: Mutation, is a great reflection of this event’s progressive outlook on culture, society, technology and the future of expression. The ambitious works that are showcased here will certainly inspire discussion, reflection and imagination.


Exhibitions like this challenge us and push the boundaries of our perception. The talented artists who are showcasing their works also allow us to think differently about the future. In a country as diverse as ours, artists speak a common language that unites us all. Our government proudly supports the arts across Canada.


As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I’d like to congratulate everyone involved with this year’s engaging and thought-provoking celebration.

Mathieu Lacombe

Minister of Culture and Communications, Minister responsible for Youth and Minister responsible for the Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Outaouais regions

To innovate is to create

It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge the government's support for
the 6th International Digital Art Biennial.

This year, the public will once again be introduced to the most surprising
and innovative creators from the Asia-Pacific region. The result: proposals, realizations and works which are as many ways of understanding and matters
of reflection on the immense possibilities and challenges of an era of all metamorphoses: human, scientific, social, technological, ecological and,
of course, artistic.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the artists from all over the world who are sharing their astonishing knowledge with us, and I congratulate the Elektra team, which excels in the exploration and programming of creators of technological art of the highest quality.

Art, culture and digital creation are the future!

Anne-Marie Jean

President and Executive Director 

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

The 6th International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN), organized by ELEKTRA, will have METAMORPHOSIS as its theme. The event combines technology and contemporary art to explore all facets of change and motion through powerful works displayed at points across Montréal. 

The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec was the Biennial’s first partner and is pleased to see how BIAN has grown in size and relevance in its 10 years of existence. We are also happy to see the expanding space occupied by digital arts in Québec’s cultural ecosystem, which has helped position Montréal at the cutting edge of the discipline. Much of the credit goes to the organizers of the Biennial and I tip my hat to them. 

Have a great Biennial!

@ Arianne Bergeron

@ Ville de Montréal / Sylvain Légaré

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montreal

The city of Montréal is proud to support the 6th International Digital Art Biennial. The theme, "METAMORPHOSIS 2", reminds us that we are always in motion and that the digital era is generating a true transformation of art. 


The pandemic demonstrated our common desire to unite and virtual art was a safe platform to express our fears and hopes. Thank you to all the artists here and abroad for sustaining a human connection and useful reflection behind the illusion.


I salute the work of the ELEKTRA team who remain at the forefront of this cutting-edge artistic ecosystem and who position Montréal as a place where the best trends converge on an international scale and who know how to democratize this complex art to the general public.


I invite Montrealers to participate in the art of tomorrow and artists from all over the world to enjoy the vitality of Montréal, a festive and cultural city.


I wish you all a wonderful Biennale!

Simon Brault, O.C., O.Q. Director and CEO 

Canada Council for the Arts

The arts are a vital part of our society: they inspire us to reflect, bring us joy, nourish our sense of belonging, and strengthen our connections to one another and the wider world.

We need the arts now more than ever. A strong support for a resilient, inclusive, and accessible arts sector benefits society in all its diversity.  


The Canada Council for the Arts is a proud supporter of ELEKTRA and its creative contributions that bring the arts to life.

@ Canada Council for the Arts / Christian Lalonde

Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director 

Montreal council for the Arts

In a world that’s constantly changing, this 6th edition of the International Digital Art Biennial is an occasion to think about artists and their work. At the crossroads of visual arts and the art of immersion, of robotics and AI, the Metamorphosis exhibition explores the creations of local and international artists in their many forms. Those works initiate a rich and productive dialogue between our fragile humanity and its rejuvenation in the physical and virtual worlds while demonstrating the incredible power of our imagination.

The Conseil des arts de Montréal is proud to reiterate its support for the ELEKTRA Festival, the force behind this event and an essential player in Montréal’s cultural ecosystem.

I wish you all a wonderful event. I am certain it has many astonishing discoveries in store for us all!  

@ Normand Huberdeau

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