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Ahreum Lee is a musician and interdisciplinary media artist from Seoul, South Korea, currently based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal). Through a variety of media, she is interested in examining the feedback loop between the individual and society as it manifests through the power dynamics embedded in technology. She was a finalist for the Emerging Digital Artist Award held by EQ Bank and Trinity Square Video (Toronto) in 2019. She has exhibited and performed in Montreal at Fonderie Darling, Ada x, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, as well as Third Shift Festival (Saint John) and Axis Lab (Chicago). Additionally, she has participated in the Emerging BAiR program at Banff Art and Creativity Centre and Impression Residency Program at Musée des beaux-arts à Montréal.


I+CARE, 2019-2020  


5th International Digital Art Biennial 

Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal 

11.19.2021 - 02.13.2022

Poster light box installation, box installation, booklets, 1 CH Video

I+CARE mimicked a set of IKEA instructions for imagined self-care, DIY medical equipment for a home in the near future. The “Do It Yourself” culture constantly being marketed to us as a form of empowerment, is, in fact, a cost-cutting measure where labour previously done by employees is being offloaded onto consumers. These surrealistic instructions for home equipment mock the ubiquity of commercial ads for DIY products and expose their system of influence. These impossible health machine DIY kits portray a future where one imagines that every stress-related medical problem could be solved by oneself. I+CARE intends to illuminate the anxiety of living in non-permanent residences in a capital-oriented society as well as the rhetorical power of positive lifestyle marketing permeating urban culture through “do it yourself” and “self-care” commercial ads.

ArprimAvril2021 (6 of 39).jpg

Credit : Jean-Michaël Seminaro

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