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OCTOBER 14 - DECEMBER 11, 2021 Montreal, Canada

Opening - Thursday, October 14, 12-5PM

Tuesday – Saturday: 12–5PM



Oli Sorenson's remix art was first recognized in London, after taking part in numerous media art events at the Institute of Contemporary Art (2003-06), Tate Britain (2006), and the British Film Institute (2008-10).


He also gradually established an international profile when performing at ZKM (Karlsruhe, 2002), ISEA (Helsinki, 2004), Mapping (Geneva, 2009) and Sonica Festivals (Ljubljana, 2012). After moving to Montreal in 2010, Sorenson redirected his work towards gallery based projects, and since exhibited at The Power Plant (Toronto, 2014), FILE (Sao Paulo, 2015), Monitoring (Kassel, 2017), Art Mûr (Berlin, 2018) et Elektra (Montréal, 2021).


Diamond Edition, Panorama of the Anthropocene, 2021


10 minutes video loop on Samsung 4K screens, 65po (165cm) diagonal

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The presented artworks are also available in an NFT version here

Greatly influenced by remix culture, Oli Sorenson’s latest series entitled Panorama of the Anthropocene brings together a multitude of paintings, digital prints and animations composed of extremely bright colors. These works merge many aesthetic genres evoking Instagram’s square layouts as much as Minecraft’s pixelated landscapes and the geometric canvases of Peter Halley. While Halley’s paintings denounce the social controls described by Michel Foucault in his 1975 book Discipline and Punish, Sorenson instead criticizes the modular infrastructures of post-industrial societies, from computer networks to stock markets, telecommunications systems, maritime cargo routes, mining sites and intensive farming, which accumulate over increasing expanses of land and sea, to the point of causing urgent ecological crises. For his latest production called Diamond Edition, Sorenson proposes new animations, prints and online NFTs from the above series, which will be presented at the ELEKTRA Gallery on titled screens to both reference the late works of Piet Mondrian, and tacitly question the consumerist drive of capitalist markets.

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