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SAT - 7:30 PM

JUNE 11 - 15, 2019 Montreal, Canada

BIO - 

Operating as a digital label and collective of artists based in Montréal, functions as a platform for collaborative experimentation and exploration of audio-visual work engaging with the futurity of interactive media, digital arts and extended reality. For the past three years, our collaborations have taken shape through live AV and fulldome performances, projection mapping, VR experiences and installation works. Our work addresses topics central to our experiences and concerns, namely gendered violence, personal and collective trauma, technological dependencies, border politics, and Digital Death.

Since its founding in 2015 by Milo Reinhardt (/||\||\) and Teodoro Zamudio, has expanded to include Cat Lamoureux (Valeda), and Xavier Arocha (Witnessing). The collective has allowed us, as long-time collaborators, to formalize ongoing projects through live performances, exhibitions, and online releases. We have developed lasting relationships with some of Montreal’s most important cultural imprints and have been invited to develop audio-visual and installation works for Sonar Barcelona, La Société des Arts Technologiques, Red Bull Music Academy, Forms Festival, and Sight + Sound festival. In April 2018, presented a group show at Eastern Bloc in Montreal featuring a video installation, a Virtual Reality experience, and live audio-visual performances. Collective members Xavier Arocha, Milo Reinhardt and Cat Lamoureux are all alumni of Red Bull Music Academy residencies, and in 2017 Teo Zamudio and Milo Reinhardt participated in an artist residency at the Société des Arts Technologiques. Following the presentation of Indivisible, the immersive artwork created during the SAT residency, the collective presented solo musical performances accompanied by fulldome projections in the context of a showcase at the SAT. In 2018 presented Indivisible at Sónar in Barcelona.


Indivisible explores notions of perceived and synthetic reality, and reflects on the tension between tangible and intangible, virtual and embodied experiences, fantasy and concrete reality. The dream-like narrative addresses memory, moments of love and loss, and the intricacies of our increasingly digitized states of existence. These themes are woven into the experimental score, vocals and dialogue, and are echoed in the visuals, creating an emotionally charged and self-reflexive immersive experience.

Indivisible was first premiered as a fixed media installation in the dome at La Société des Arts Technologiques in 2017. The fixed media version was also shown at Sónar Barcelona in June 2018 and later that year in Brussels.

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