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10.1.2020 - 10.31.2020


What kind of individual or societal transformations will follow the global pandemic of 2020?  

METAMORPHOSIS refers to the classic Book of Changes (I Ching) and proposes that today, one of the fundamental effects of constant change is to broaden our understanding of the relationship between humanity, nature, and technology. According to the Book of Changes, human society is in constant transformation, and everything is subject to change; yet at the same time there is a core that never changes. By understanding this core profoundly, it is therefore possible to foresee the future.  


METAMORPHOSIS 2020 searches for meaningful core patterns by revisiting this triangular relationship to encourage diverse discussions about humanity in an age of uncertainty. 

Co-curated by DooEun Choi, Art Director of Hyundai Motor and Alain Thibault, Artistic Director of ELEKTRA.


Arsenal Contemporary Art - MONTREAL [QC-CA]

10.1 - 10.31.2020

ELEKTRA would like to thank its partners; whose contributions are essential to our activities, and its institutional supports.

Download the online program of METAMORPHOSIS here



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