As part of the event QUEBEC DIGITAL ART @ NYC taking place October 22 to 24 in New York, ELEKTRA is pleased to co-present with FuturePerfect a New York edition of the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA) taking place October 23 at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, and performances by Nicolas Bernier and Herman Kolgen on October 24, during the closing evening at The Knockdown Center.

The event QUEBEC DIGITAL ART @ NYC is organized by the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM).

Check out the program via the event app #QDANY:

OCTOBER 23 / 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The IMDA, started by ELEKTRA in 2007, is a networking activity for professionals that brings together local and international artists, curators, presenters and journalists, all specialists in digital art. Quebec artists and organizations present their most recent creations, and American professionals offer an overview of their work as curators and activities as presenters. The NYC edition of the IMDA is co-presented with FuturePerfect.

12:00 Alain Thibault, ELEKTRA – BIAN (Montréal, QC-CA)
12:15 Wayne Ashley, FuturePerfect (New York, US)
12:30 Matthew Biederman artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
12:45 Jean Dubois, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
13:00 Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks (New York, US)
13:15 Robin Dupuis, Perte de Signal (Montréal, QC-CA)
13:30 Aurélie Besson, Molior (Montréal, QC-CA)
13:45 Kelani Nichole, TRANSFER Gallery (New York, US)
14:00 [The User] (Thomas McIntosh & Emmanuel Madan), artists, Montréal (UK/QC-CA)
14:45 Adam Basanta, artist (Montréal/Vancouver, QC/BC-CA)
15:00 Projet EVA (Etienne Grenier & Simon Laroche), artists (Montréal, QC-CA)
15:15 Kevin Cunningham, 3-Legged Dog (New York, US)
15:30 Line Dezainde, Sporobole (Sherbrooke, QC-CA)
15:45 Bill Vorn, artist (Montréal, QC-CA)
16:00 Nina Colosi, The Streaming Museum (New York, US)
16:15 Lynn Hughes, artist + TAG Technoculture Art & Game Concordia (Montréal, QC-CA)
16:30 Chris Salter, artist + Hexagram (Montreal, QC-CA)
16:45 Kerry Doran, bitforms gallery (New York, US)


Nicolas Bernier and Herman Kolgen will perform at the closing evening. A co-presentation of ELEKTRA and FuturePerfect.

Nicolas Bernier - Frequencies (synthetic variations)

Nicolas Bernier’s Frequencies (synthetic variations) is a part of an ongoing process that draws upon basic generative systems creating a dialogue between sound, light and material and performed in real-time. With incredible precision and minimal means, Bernier creates a mesmerizing work where audiences can either hear the light or see the sound.

Nicolas Bernier artistic concerns remain constant: the balance between the cerebral and the sensual, and between organic sound sources and digital processing.

Herman Kolgen - Dust

Inspired by 1920 Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray's photograph “Élevage de poussière”, the audiovisual performance Dust explores changes in the state of matter. At the edge of the imperceptible, pigments are suspended around a magnetic field. Random fibrous networks take shape and then form composite objects, hypnotic in their complexity. A surprising odyssey of particles is woven between the visible and the invisible.

This project has been made possible through support from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the organizations below :

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Québec Government Office in New York
Canada Council for the Arts